Marine Science Research and Technology Conference

Marine Science Research and Technology Conference

"Marine Science Research and Technology Conference" (Marine science - 2017) hosted and  organized by Clyto Access in Malaysia from 22-23 May, 2017 providing an international forum for the exchange of information in a wide arena of branches like Marine biology, interactions between organisms and functioning of marine biosphere, aquatic ecosystems, microscopic phytoplankton, oceanography, ecology, botany, etc.

Marine Science - 2017 conference includes exemplary sessions, workshops, seminars, B2B meetings  and exhibiting opportunities. The conference showcases world’s most renowned scientists, researchers,  academicians and more.

Clyto Access is inviting industries related to hardware, software, equipment,  materials, services in the field of Marine Science and Technology. The Marine Science Research and  Technology conference is organized in association with “Journal of Marine Science Research and  Technology ” an open access journal, accepts articles related to marine organisms, evolution of marine  organisms, marine conservation and technologies used in development of marine biology.

The journal  serves as a hub between academic professionals, research scholars and industrial's in spreading the  recent advancements of Marine Science. The conference participants are also invited to contribute their  research papers adding value to our journal.  

Marine Science - 2017 emphasizes on biological sciences, including evolutionary, molecular and  cellular biology, as well as topics in oceanography, ecology, botany, genetics of marine plants and  animals in relation to their ecology, marine conservation and technologies used in development of marine biology. Marine science conference lays emphasis on biodiversity and population studies of marine ecosystems and the impact of global warming, ocean acidification and climate change on marine ecosystem. 

Marine science - 2017 emphasis on various topics including marine habitats, aqua culture, biodegradation, eutrophication, food web dynamics, bioremediation, biofouling and its prevention biogeochemical cycles, volcanic and seismic activity, marine food analysis – spoilage and quality control. Marine engineering emphasis on the design, development, production and maintenance of the equipments used at sea and on board sea vessels like boats, ships etc.

The technologies involved in maritime technology are the following: naval architecture, marine engineering, ship design, shipbuilding and ship operations, oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and production, hydrodynamics, navigation, underwater technology and engineering; marine resources, transport logistics and economics, inland, coastal, short sea and deep sea shipping.

The journal also includes articles on taxonomic syntheses, morphology, life history and developmental biology of marine organisms, chemical and physical oceanography, marine environment health and its relationship to human health.

Marine Science Conference 2017 include 

Open panel discussions : Providing an open forum with experts from academia and business to discuss on current challenges in recycling and environmental management, where all attendees can interact with the panel followed by a Q&A session.

Speaker and poster presentations : Providing a platform to all academicians and industry professionals to share their research thoughts and findings through a speech or a poster presentation.

Editorial board meeting : Discussing on growth and development of Clyto Access' Journal of Marine Science Research and Technology and recruiting board members and reviewers who can support the journal.

Round table meetings : Providing a platform where industry professionals meet academic experts.