MEDCOAST Institute 2014

MEDCOAST Institute 2014 MEDCOAST Institute

is one of the earliest efforts and the longest running for international training on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM). Started in 1994 through a project support won from the Mediterranean Programs of EU (1993-96) aiming creation of decentralized networks , MEDCOAST Institute has been run nine times so far, in the years of (1994, 95, 96, 98, 99, 2002, 04, 10 and 12). A total of 155 alumni from 27 countries, some of them are now national and international ICM leaders, participated at these nine events. With the tenth MEDCOAST Institute - the jubilee event -, we will end this unique and valued series of ICM training since we feel that the mission is achieved. However, we will continue with the mandate of MEDCOAST for capacity building in coastal and marine issues in modified formats and with new goals and targets.