National Conference Green Technology For Clean Environment (GTCE-2019)

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National Conference Green Technology For Clean Environment (GTCE-2019)

Our planet is steadily suffocating under the impact of different pollutions. The importance of green technologies lies in reducing or mitigating the risks posed by environmental damages and restoring the clean environment. The use of these technologies is widespread and continues to evolve across the globe. Green technology provides alternative energy sources, facilitates with biodegradable products, encourages recycling, and promotes the sustainability and development. It also significantly helps with curtailing pollutions, decelerating global warming, and preserving natural resources either by direct implementations or by indirect effects.

The National Conference on “Green Technology for Clean Environment (GTCE-19)” aims to deliberate and discuss the innovative applications and advanced researches in the field of different types of pollutions, and their abatement and control among the scientists in India and abroad. We have received a total of 136 abstracts from different institutions and industries covering the themes of the conferences.

The themes are as follows: Water Pollution and Water Quality Control, Air Pollution and Air Quality Control, Land (Soil, Waste Solid) Pollution and Remediation, Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration, Bio-Assessment and Toxicology, Society and the Environment, Environmental Analysis and Measurements Sustainable Development and Environmental Management, Nano technology and Nano materials for environment areas of energy production, alternative and renewable energy supply, energy savings analysis, optimization of energy processes and the environmental impacts of energy production. About 150 participants and attendee have taken part in the discussions and give their valuable suggestions. It was very much successful.