Science Summit for Urban Water

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Science Summit for Urban Water


"It is my great pleasure to welcome you to attend the 2014 Science Summit for Urban Water . This summit, organized jointly by the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and the International Water Association (IWA) will develop a practice and research agenda to advance water management in China. With regard to practice, it will define practices and technologies which are ready for more widespread application throughout China, along with the benefits that they will provide. The objective is to encourage their more rapid adoption and, consequently, to significantly advance water management in China. The audience for this outcome includes practitioners and designers, but especially public officials and industrial water managers who need to know which new ideas they should be seriously considering.
With regard to research, it will identify emerging technologies and the research questions that need to be answered to move them more quickly into practice. It will also examine recent progress in important sciences, such as biotechnology , materials and nanotechnology , informatics , which will form the future basis for water management technologies that no one has yet thought of. The audience for the resulting research agenda includes the water academic community but also funding sources which need to better understand where the always limited R&D funds can be best invested.
Led by the best people in China and in the broad world of water, your attendance at the Summit will provide you with the opportunity to interact with the true leaders of the water science community. Thus, whether you are a research or a leading practitioner who needs to know what new useful options are emerging, I know that you will benefit from this unique meeting."