Sustainable Development Conference 2014

Sustainable Development Conference 2014

Welcome to Sustainable Development Conference 2014:
Green technology, Renewable energy and Environmental protection

We are proud to invite you to join us at Sustainable Development Conference 2014 : Green technology , Renewable energy and Environmental protection , that will take place from July 5th - 7th 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Conference is organized by Tomorrow People Organization- internationally recognized non for profit organization with head quarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

The official language of the conference in English. Attendance of delegates from more than 40 countries is expected.

This highly exciting and challenging international Conference is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, advanced students, and others.

More specifically, it targets:

Sustainable Development Conference 2014 will provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with prominent leaders in the field and greatly expand on your global network of scholars and professionals.

We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in July 2014!