Textile Engineering

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Textile Engineering

Scientific Federation is pleased to invite you to participate in the “ 2nd International Conference on Textile Engineering ” (Textile-Engineering-2020) during, October 15-16, 2020 Lisbon, Portugal

The intention of  Textile-Engineering-2020  is to provide opportunity for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts on the world. In addition this gathering will help the delegates to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. No doubt the event has a broad scope of topics and continued in parallel sessions relative to the specific area of research.

Textile-Engineering-2020  will be a foremost platform for educational communications to exchange the concepts and ideas between specialists, professors, students  and researchers within the fields associated with Textile Engineering and Technology. This conference is a tremendous step in bringing Endeavour and motivation into a typical fold and lay down the creative influence for future analysis work and development. This conference can highlight all the aspects related with the field of Textile technologies like organic cotton, automation in textile, fashion tech, fiber and garment engineering etc.

Why to attend:

Textile-engineering-2020 offers a wonderful opportunity to meet and make new contacts in the field of Textile Engineering by providing association and all the inestimable arrangements for delegates between sessions with inestimable associate time for you. It allows delegates to address their issues on textile production process by perceived global experts who have a great idea with the latest developments in the field of textile engineering and provides intelligence on new methods and technologies. This is your most enormous opportunity to achieve the greatest social affair of individuals from the textile society. Presentations, escape information, meet with the present and promising specialists, make a scatter with new medication advancements and get declaration at this 2-day event.

Conference Objectives:

Target Audience: