The Agriculture Module: Innovation in the Water Space

The Agriculture Module:  Innovation in the Water Space

2014 Agriculture Module

Draft Agenda

Tuesday, January 21:  A Day of Conversations

9:00 AM Introduction and Plan of the Day.  Stan Bronson, Executive Director, Florida Earth Foundation and Jeff Sumner, Director of Agriculture Programs, SFWMD

9:15 AM  Agricultural Water: Protecting the Future of Our Nation – Review of 2012 Agricultural, a White Paper developed by King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management. Mitch Hutchcraft, Vice President for Real Estate, King Ranch Florida LLC.

9:45 AM Case Studies in Innovative Public-Private Partnerships – Moderator, Dennis Corrick, Dean Mead.
                The Evans Properties Project – H. M. Ridgely, Evans Properties, The C-51 Project – Ernie Cox, Family Lands Remembered.

10:30 AM  Break

10:45 FDACS BMP Program Update – Bonnie Wolff-Pelaez and/or Clegg Hooks, FDACS

11:30 AM  Everglades Agricultural Area: A BMP Success Story – Pamela Wade, Everglades Regulation Bureau Chief, SFWMD and Dr. Paul Gray, Audubon

12:15 PM  Lunch

1:15 PM  Water on the Ag Landscape: Dispersed Water Management and Restoration (Panel Discussion) – Temperince Morgan (SFWMD), Scott Kuipers (NRCS WRP Program), others like involved landowners – Wes Williamson, Cary Lightsey, Woody Larson, etc.

2:15 PM  Kissimmee River Restoration:  Working in an Agriculture Context , Eric Bush, Director of Planning, US Army Corps of Engineers

3:30 PM  Tour by boat of Kissimmee River Restoration Project beginning at Riverwoods Laboratory

5:30 PM  Arrive at Williamson Ranch for BBQ and evening activities 

Wednesday, January 22:  A Day in the Field

8:15 AM  Leave Hotel

8:30 AM Tour of Taylor Creek STA

9:45 AM  Larson Dairy Tour

12:00 PM Arrive at Archbold Biological Station.  Lunch there and tour.  Suggest we invite Jon Arthington, IFAS Ona, to join the group there to get at least a UF presence somewhere in the Module

2:30 PM  Drive to Nicodemus Slough and meet Joe there.

4:30 PM Drive back to Okeechobee with a facilitated discussion

5:30 PM  Arrive back in Okeechobee and adjourn the Module