Three US Utilities: Using Smart Tech to Address Wastewater Regulations

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Three US Utilities: Using Smart Tech to Address Wastewater Regulations

About this event
Hear how three mid-western communities have implemented intelligent watershed technology to optimize their existing sewer system and solve regulatory challenges by maximizing the utilization of their existing assets. We will also explore how these cities are using wastewater network and treatment system optimization solutions to mitigate challenges such as wet weather overflows and odor control to protect community health, while avoiding costly capital improvement projects and saving millions in wastewater system operations and maintenance. We will also hear how these cities overcame barriers to adopting smart technology and gain a better understanding of best practices that can be adopted by other utilities.

This virtual event will be moderated by Dr. Lindsay Birt, Client Solutions Manager, Xylem, and will feature an overview by each speaker of how smart technology can help address wastewater regulations in their communities. There will be Q&A at the end.

Kieran Fahey, Director, Long-Term Control Plan, The City of South Bend, IN
Jonathan Grabowy, Managing Civil Engineer at Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, IL
Charles (Chuck) Schroeder, Assistant Environmental Services Manager, The City of Grand Rapids, MI
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