UK Water Market Explained

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UK Water Market Explained
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Date : Thursday 14th January 2021
Time :  9.00 - 11.45am
Location : Online

In collaboration with the Institute of Water, British Water is pleased to launch a new event - The UK Water Market Explained.

In response to the myriad of questions asked by supply chain companies on how to work effectively in the sector, this briefing is for those who want to understand the UK water and wastewater industry, brush up their knowledge and/or learn more about the hot topics currently being explored and addressed.

You will receive an overview of the structure of the UK water industry - the key players and how it is regulated. You will also get to hear first-hand, views from across the spectrum, including from a water company, consultant, manufacturer and contractor on what it is like to partner in the industry and their perspective on future challenges. This event is open to members and non-members.