Urban Hydrology Workshop: Water in the City of Tshwane

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Urban Hydrology Workshop: Water in the City of Tshwane

Urban hydrology is a multi-disciplinary science involving a wide range of disciplines including (but not limited to) surface hydrology, hydrogeology, vadose zone hydrology, meteorology, environmental science, civil engineering, engineering geology, soil science, botany and zoology. The hydrosphere represents a complex interaction between atmospheric, surface and subsurface water which needs to be understood properly for safe land use planning, biodiversity and an aesthetic metropolitan existence.

The University of Pretoria (UP), the Water Research Commission, the Ground Water Division of the Geological Society of South Africa and the Adopt Moreletaspruit Initiative invite you to participate in an event showcasing the water resources of the City of Tshwane (CoT) municipality. The purpose of the workshop is to:

The workshop on water cooperation within the City of Tshwane hopes to satisfy the need for multidisciplinary dialogues and aims to incorporate decision-makers at all levels of involvement, including national government, local municipality, parastatals, academic institutions, private consultants, non-profit organisations and the general public. A showcase of the City of Tshwane's water resources, as well as those risks and concerns exacerbated by urban development, are highlighted with the purpose of accentuating the importance of research, collaboration and public awareness.

Speakers from a wide range of disciplines (including the University of Pretoria, City of Tshwane, Department of Water Affairs, Water Research Commission, Adopt-Moreletaspruit, Council for Geoscience, University of Cape Town and the SA National Biodiversity Institute) have been gathered with the hopes of making this workshop successful towards the preservation of our most fundamental need: water. We invite you to participate in this joint venture, aiming to better quantify and understand the importance of the unsaturated zone in urban development and environmental protection.