UV Advanced Oxidation

UV Advanced Oxidation

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The UV advanced oxidation process – also known as UV AOP – is when ultraviolet light, alone or in combination with an oxidant, breaks down chemical contaminants in water.

When UV light traverses water, it can be absorbed directly by targeted chemical contaminants and by the specific oxidant added to the water, resulting in the breaking of chemical bonds. Contaminants are either broken down directly by the UV light, or the UV light-absorbing oxidants generate powerful radicals that rapidly interact with and oxidize them.

We hope you can join us (on Tuesday, September 14 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time) as we discuss a variety of topics, including:

We’ll also be giving an exclusive overview of the TrojanUVFlex ® AOP system and a glimpse into recent system installations, piloting, and commissioning activities.


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