Vietnam Water Summit 2018

Vietnam Water Summit 2018In the last two decades, the government of Vietnam has made significant efforts to improve water supply system of the nation in both urban and rural areas. The achievements are impressive. However, there are still many existing water resources being polluted due to the discharging of municipal and industrial wastewater without proper treatment. 

In order to further improve the living standards and support Vietnam’s rapid economic growth, the Vietnamese government established ambitious targets for its water sector development, which are to provide 85% of the urban population with access to clean urban water and to treat 45% of the urban wastewater by 2020. However, with the lack of advanced technologies as well as the insufficient experiences and capitals of domestic sector in Vietnam, achieving these targets will require foreign assistances from ODA and private sectors. 

The Vietnamese government is therefore trying to promote private sector financings by introducing the PPP structure and to privatize state-owned water supply companies for better developing their water projects. Hence, the practical match-making between foreign and local companies is of demand at present. 

What VWS 2018 can provide is not only the platform to understand the market intelligence, but also to get connected with potential local partners and leads of water projects in Vietnam. 

We look forward to seeing you in Hanoi this year!