WASH 2014 Conference

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WASH 2014 Conference

The key global development discussion between now and 2015 is focused on formulating the post-2015 framework of priorities and targets. Water , sanitation and hygiene ( WASH ) advocates are making the case for WASH to be prioritised. The UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) has led work to propose what future WASH goals, targets and indicators should be. Building on this dialogue, it is time to reflect on how practitioners might work differently if a vision of universal access to WASH is to become a reality in our time.

If we understand the central premise of the current JMP proposals to be ‘ water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere' - how areWASH practitioners going to act differently to achieve this?

New goals and targets mean new way of working. This is what the WASH2014 conference will explore.