Wastewater Management, Treatment and Recycling

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Wastewater Management, Treatment and Recycling

This event has been postponed by the organizer. New dates will be published soon.

Water scarcity in the MENA region is reaching a staggering point where moving towards 100% wastewater recycling is no longer an option. Immediate attention is given to wastewater treatment alternatives and reuse towards meeting today’s growing demand for water.

To top it off, most plants today are being overworked, accepting a capacity that they can hardly manage! As such, the region is witnessing an increasing growth of plant expansion, plant redesign and upgrading of technologies to meet production demand. Is your wastewater treatment plant working at its right capacity, complemented with the right technologies and producing to a standard that qualifies?

Equip yourself in this 2-day training program, facilitated by an international renowned trainer, Mitchell Laginestra as he takes you on a journey by unravelling latest wastewater and sludge treatment techniques, odour audits and control, plant design and expansion mechanisms for optimum water efficiency!

Relevant to commercial, industrial, residential sectors and municipalities, join us now and be prepared to walk away with actionable strategies to improve your plant performance, wastewater reuse strategies, all while maximising cost efficiency. Recover the wealth to your waste.


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