WATEC Israel 2017

WATEC Israel 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are truly excited and honored to invite you to the WATEC 2017 Exhibition & Conference, which will take place this September in Tel Aviv.

Exactly a decade ago the WATEC concept was established in Israel, in order to allow water professionals, stake holders and innovators from around the globe to share their experiences regarding the current and future trends of the vibrant water arena.

Israel was a natural choice for such an event, as it is one of the first and fewest countries to successfully overcome its limitation in water resources. This was accomplished through education, intelligent water management and first and foremost implementation of innovative technologies.

In most of the 20th century, clean water and a safe environment were taken for granted. This resulted in under-valuation and under-development of this industry, which is surely the most vital for our existence. All indicators now are pointing towards a real need for a giant leap in the way we value water, its environmental and social impact and our ability to adapt and close the technological gap.

We are proud to present this year’s fresh theme for the show, presenting a novel, holistic and new-age approach to this very old-age problem:
WATEC V.I.P: Vision, Innovation, Practice – a crossroad for visionaries, policy makers, technology entrepreneurs, as well as established solution providers and tier-one clients from different industries.

The main discussions will echo the digital age terminology:  Speed and agility, “big data”, cyber security, transparency and optimization are all global vectors of change that should be leading the modern water industry mindset.

We are confident that you will benefit from the stimulating and dynamic atmosphere of the WATEC show hosted in the vibrant city of Tel-Aviv.

We invite you to take this leap with us.


Elad Frenkel,

Chairman, WATEC Israel 2017