WatefCon 2018

WatefCon 2018

Future of Water in Europe: Local, regional and global best practice

The increased necessity for efficiency in the use of water in the urban environment, particularly in the building water cycle is becoming more imperative in Europe. Where cities are facing a range of pressures resulting from population growth, climate change and deterioration of urban infrastructure systems. Some water efficiency measures can contribute not only to savings in drinking water consumption but also to energy efficiency and flood/drought control. This makes it imperative to reflect on current solutions, explore blue-sky ideas to support best practices in urban water management, based on greater efficiency in water use.

Therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the next bi-annual Water Efficiency Conference organised by the Water Efficiency Network in association with the University of Aveiro, Portugal and ANQIP, Portugal. 

The programme includes industry sessions on

plus WATEF Network Technical Committee showcase