Water-Energy Challenges & Solutions

Water-Energy Challenges & Solutions

The strong interrelationship between water and energy security is considered one of the

biggest and most important challenges of substantial developments in the current times,

especially in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region where the extreme paucity of fresh water

resources in this arid area had led to a growing reliance on water desalination plants. Recently,

GCC governments have had announced the investments of more than 300 billion dollars in

water and energy industry sectors. Studies show that Kuwait alone will burn about 9 million

oil barrels by the year 2035 in order to fulfill the country’s needs of fresh water and electricity.

References to the vision of the State of Kuwait for 2035, and in implementation of the

objectives of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the importance of

maintaining the lifehood of sources of the Kuwait, especially in the sectors of water and

energy, and in consistence with the mission of Kuwaiti Government and its international

commitments in this field, the need to hold this international scientific conference is planned

to be held will be held as forum to discuss the means and requirements and necessary

measures to treat imbalances and challenges relevant to of water and energy industry sectors,

and raise the awareness about the need to achieve water security and sustainable

management of water resources, as well as to provide policies to overcome the pointless

water wastage and promote a plan of water consumption and conservation.

Kuwait Water Association alongside Arab Planning Institute , Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait

University, The Ministry of Electricity and Water, Generation Institute, as well as other

partners are planning to hold the international scientific conference on water-energy

challenges and solutions in arid areas and to exchange and highlight the latest water-energy

technologies that are available worldwide applicable in Gulf area.