Water Risk & Finance 2013

Water Risk & Finance 2013

The World Economic Forum report Global Risks 2013 concludes that "water supply crises" is one of the top 5 most likely risks facing the world in the next decade and, furthermore, is the second most serious in terms of potential impact.

More than two-thirds of companies already view water as a substantial risk to their business according to the CDP 2012 survey and some bank analysts predict that water may become scarcer than oil. As a result, investment in water and sanitation is set to soar, presenting a range of new opportunities to industry and the financial sector.

Attend to understand the opportunities and risks facing companies in your portfolio. Identify the exciting new areas to invest in.

Attend to find out how to measure, manage and disclose your exposure to water-related risks and the potential costs and benefits. Identify the key opportunities to save money so that you can give a boost to your bottom line.

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