Water, Wastewater, & Environmental Monitoring Conference

Water, Wastewater, & Environmental Monitoring Conference

WWEM 2018: The 8th in the Series of International Water and Wastewater Monitoring events is focused for companies and individuals who are involved with water, wastewater and environmental monitoring.  WWEM features a large focused  exhibition of over 150 companies who provide instruments, equipment and services to monitor, test and analyse water and wastewater.. Running alongside the exhibition is a very comprehensive technical programme of conferences and workshops covering numerous topics on laboratory water analysis, sensing, microbiology , flow and process measurement, field testing and much much more. 

Conference Topics:

The Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) exists to provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and analysis of waters and effluents, sewage sludge's, sediments, soils (including contaminated land) and biota. 
On-Line and At-Site analysis
WWEM presentations will start with the issues of mirco-plastics with two talks on the detection and measurement of micro-plastics in water and environmental matrices and we are very pleased to have our opening plenary lecture by Dr Andrew Mayes from the University of East Anglia on the Detection and Counting Microplastics - Is Nile Red the Answer? The main theme of the day is On-Line and At-Site Analysis with six talks covering a diverse application range on this important topic. The day concludes with 3 talks covering the theme Metals and Nutrients followed by the very popular Happy Hour networking event. 
The Water Industry is heading towards a "digital future" and at the centre of this future is the use of instrumentation. An example of this is flow and the control of flow at the industry's wastewater treatment works.
Delivering BIM - Using Product Data across the UK Water Industry for Enhanced Efficiencies in Capital Delivery and Asset Management


Workshop Programme
New and innovative microbiological testing methods and their practical applications within the water treatment industries.

Industrial discharge Monitoring and Smart Water extracting value and insights from data.   https://www.ilmexhibitions.com/wwem/swig-conference/