Water & Wastewater Market in Brazil

Water & Wastewater Market in Brazil


Opportunities and New Legal Framework

The Brazilian sanitation market is finally opening up. Concentration and public monopoly have set the tone for the sector competitiveness and have led to a difficult situation: 35 million people lack supply of treated water and 100 million are deprived of proper sewage coverage. More than half of all wastewater of the country is not properly disposed of.

In July 2020, Brazilian parliament approved a new legal framework for the sector that promises to change the game and revert the decade’s long gap in investment. The new bill aims to bring more transparency and legal security to the system, thus boosting private participation through concessions.

This webinar will present the current situation and the recent developments, as well as the arising opportunities Swiss companies might be able to tackle with their unique characteristics. Our team of trade officers and local experts will guide you through these opportunities and how to benefit from them.

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