Watervent 2017 - Regensburg

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Watervent 2017 - Regensburg

The first ​matchmaking ​platform in ​water ​technologies ​– ​initiated in ​autumn 2010 in ​Berlin with ​nine successful ​forums ​ in Zurich, ​Leuwaarden (NL),​ London, Dubai, ​Philadelphia (3)​, New York City ​- designed to ​bring ​exclusively (​sic!) water ​technology (and ​those related ​in the water ​nexus) ​entrepreneurs ​and investors ​together in an ​exclusive, non-​conference, one-​on-one setting ​in order to ​accelerate ​growth by ​support in ​attracting (​first) clients, ​assess business ​opportunities ​and facilitate ​financing in ​the water ​sector. ​

WaterVent ​differentiates ​its offering by:​