Webinar: Pioneering ​Utility Smart ​Water ​Innovation in ​Asia-Pacific

Webinar: Pioneering ​Utility Smart ​Water ​Innovation in ​Asia-Pacific

The online webinar will begin on the 16th May at 3:00 PM in AEST time (UTC/GMT +10), here are local times in selected zones:

The event website provides a time zone convertor that shows when the webinar will begin in your local time.

Pioneering Utility Smart Water Innovation in Asia-Pacific 

This will be the first webinar of the SWAN Asia-Pacific Alliance featuring three, leading utilities deploying innovative, smart water solutions in the region, as well as an overview of APAC Alliance activities and goals. 

Hosted by Pure Technologies, the webinar will be FREE for anyone to attend, with a replay recording made available afterwards. We hope you can join us!


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