West Africa Water Expo 2019

West Africa Water Expo 2019

West Africa ​Water Expo: 2nd ​International ​Water & Waste ​Water ​Exhibition ​ which is ​organized by ​Elan Expo will ​be held on 11-​13 July 2019 at ​Landmark Centre ​at Lagos, ​Nigeria. ​


Nigeria is the ​one of the ​biggest country ​of Africa with ​its increasing ​population and ​annual GDP ​rates. With the ​increase of the ​population the ​urbanization ​process is ​speeding and ​the local ​people have low ​level access to ​improved water ​sources and ​sanitation.​

“Nigeria ​is not a water-​poor country, ​needs more ​investments.​”​

The General ​Manager of ELAN ​EXPO Mr. Suer ​AY  illustrates ​his opinions ​about the ​  Nigerian Water industry  as;

“Nigeria ​is not a water-​poor country, ​it needs more ​investments. ​Nigeria ​produces 1800 ​m3 water per ​capita annually;​ there are ​enough water ​resources for ​domestic, ​industrial, ​agricultural, ​hydropower, ​transportation, ​and recreational ​uses but there ​is more need ​for modern ​wastewater ​treatment ​facilities ​during the ​rapid ​urbanization ​process.  ​In the last ​year  Wawe Expo 2018  we served the ​local people to ​meet international ​suppliers for ​the  water and ​waste water ​treatment ​ water ​distribution ​equipments ​  ,  water meters  household water systems  water pumps  and other ​plumbing ​installations ​  .

Last year we hosted  86 local and international  sectoral giants such as;  Wilo, Amiblu, ​Deser Kimya, ​Okeval, Etcon, ​Genaq, Imerrys ​Filtration, ​Lonza, Oceana, ​Seagle,  ​Water Health, ​Drwater, ​Aquamatch, ​Zenith, ​Winelight, ​Wyckomar, ​Geospace and ​Male Integrated ​  from  17 countries  ; Belgium, ​China, Egypt, ​Ghana, India, ​Kuwait, Lebanon,​ Nigeria, South ​Africa, Turkey, ​U.A.E., ​Switzerland, ​USA, South ​Korea, Japan, ​Germany and ​Cyprus. During ​the marketing ​campaign, our ​team provided ​150 media ​partners, sent ​1 million ​invitations, ​100 thousand ​SMSs, and ​published 137 ​website ​advertisements, ​radio and ​newspaper ​advertisements ​on Guardian, ​Daily Trust ​newspapers and ​Nigeria Info FM ​and Wazobia FM. ​We promoted our ​events via ​social media ​also; we have ​around 250 ​updated ​Facebook posts. ​In the ​successful ​first edition ​  624 B2B meetings  , 600+ visitors ​attended ​workshops ​  ,  19 certificated workshops  were arranged.

Last year in ​the opening ​ceremony we ​hosted ​honorable ​quests from ​Nigeria;  Council ​Member and ​Representative ​of the ​President of ​COREN ​  Engr. Rabiu Ali FNSE,  President of ​Association of ​Professional ​Women Engineers ​in Nigeria ​  Engr. Felicia Agubata,   Deputy ​President ​Nigeria Society ​of Engineers ​and Representative ​of the ​President ​  Engr. Mohammed Babagana,  Director ​Ministry of ​Works Bornu ​State ​  Engr. Kori Shettim,  President ​ASHRAE Nigeria ​Chapter ​  Engr. Tunde Ogunde,  President ​Nigerian ​Institute of ​Mechanical ​Engineers  ​  Engr. Robinson Ejilah, Honourable ​Commissioner ​for Water ​Resources Borno ​State ​  Dr. Zainab Gimba,  Permenant ​Secretary ​Ministry of ​Water Resources ​  Dr. Fidelis Anukwa,  Chief ​Engineer ​Federal ​Ministry of ​Water Resources ​  Engr. Hauwa Sadique,  Executive ​Director ​Agricultural ​Services ​Hadejia-​Jama’are ​River Basin ​Development ​Authority,Kano ​  ​  Engr. ​Ma’amun ​Da’u ​Aliyu, ​  Director ​General Rural ​Water Supply ​Agency Ebonyi ​State ​  Engr. Sunday Opoke,  Managing ​Director of ​Lagos Water ​Corporation ​  Engr. Muminu Badmos,  Registrar ​Council for the ​Regulation of ​Engineering in ​Nigeria ​  Engr. Wopa Kamila Fnse and  Head of ​Professional ​Development ​COREN ​  Engr. Agabi Joseph.

West Africa ​Water Expo 2018 ​ ​ was also ​officially ​supported by ​many valuable ​associations ​such as ​ Federal ​Ministry of ​Water Resources,​ Lagos State ​Waste Water ​Management ​Office, Lagos ​Water ​Corporation,​  Express ​Water ​India’s ​Premier Water ​Community ​Platform, APWEN ​  (Association ​of Professional ​Women Engineers ​of Nigeria), ​  COREN  (The Council ​for the ​Regulation of ​Engineering in ​Nigeria), ​  Nigerian ​American ​Chamber of ​Commerce, ​Nigerian ​Society of ​Engineers, ​Nigerian ​Institution of ​Mechanical ​Engineers, ​Justice and ​Progress  ​and SON ( The ​Standards ​Organization of ​Nigeria). ​



West Africa ​Water Expo 2019;​2nd International ​Water & Waste ​Water ​Exhibition will take ​place between ​the dates ​  11-13 July ​2019 at ​Landmark Centre ​at Lagos, ​Nigeria. ​



Elan Expo  was founded ​in 1997 and now ​manages over 30 ​market-leading ​B2B events in ​up to 9 ​countries each ​year. ​Headquartered ​in Istanbul, ​Turkey, it is ​currently ​active in ​  Nigeria, ​Azerbaijan, ​Kenya, Morocco, ​Iran, Iraq, and ​Algeria. ​

Elan Expo  employees over ​90 people who ​are passionate ​about the ​communities ​that they serve ​and skilled at ​creating the ​ideal ​circumstances ​for relationships ​to develop, ​knowledge to be ​gleaned and ​deals to be ​done by the ​departments of ​sales, ​marketing, B2B, ​visitor ​promotions, ​project, ​finance and ​advertising.​

Elan Expo’s  operation is ​active in ​exhibitions ​with the ​multiple ​sectors such as ​  Real Estate & ​Investment, ​Construction & ​Building ​Materials, ​Furniture & ​Decoration, ​Food &Agriculture,​ Beauty & ​Cosmetic, ​Fashion & ​Textile, ​Healthcare & ​Medical ​Products, HVAC, ​Landscape & ​Urban, ​Municipality & ​City Planning, ​and LED & ​Advertising. ​

Elan ​Expo’s ​knowledge of ​communities ​they serve, ​their ability ​to attract the ​right people ​and their skill ​of curating the ​physical space ​and creating ​memorable ​experiences ​bring thousands ​of like-minded ​people together.​ It is the ​shared ​experience and ​the opportunities ​to make human ​connections ​which allow ​businesses to ​grow.



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