World Water-Tech Investment Summit 2015

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World Water-Tech Investment Summit 2015

True innovation in water demands much more than technology development. It requires close cooperation between R&D start-ups, technology integrators, strategic investors and end-users - including both utilities and the key industrial sectors: energy, mining and food and beverage. The World Water-Tech Investment Summit , now in its 4th year, is Europe's biggest event dedicated to innovation in water. The goal is to pool ideas and experiences from around the globe to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies by both municipal and industrial water users. Highlights of the 2015 agenda include:

This year, the summit will be the centre-piece of the newly-launched London Water-Tech Week . Rethink Events is joining forces with UKTI, British Water, Isle Utilities and the UK-Israel Tech Hub to bring delegations from around the world to London for a programme of water-tech events and networking activities. Register today: For more information on how you can get involved in London Water-Tech Week, or the World Water-Tech Investment Summit, contact on +44 1273 6699144.