Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Water&Wastewater Solutions

Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Water&Wastewater Solutions


Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Water&Wastewater Treatment Solutions is an engineering company located in Istanbul provience of Turkey since 2010.

Bilgi Environmental Consultancy is a professional organization which brings expertise, knowledge, and talent together to provide water and wastewater treatment solutions worldwide. Although Bilgi Environmental provide solutions in water treatment field worldwide, the company supplies services adapted each local conditions considering local regulations, standards, legislation in accordance with international regulations and standards.

Bilgi treats water with sustainable, optimum, innovative and futuristic customer demand-based technologies and methods.

There are factors that cause worries about clean water scarcity and accessibility in the planet in general. This mutual worry of us takes its source from population increase, unbalanced water distribution for human use and uncontrolled consumption and pollution of usable waters. The situations bring seriousness of the water sector to design, establish, operate more water treatment plants. Wastewater may be a water source for the future. Bilgi professionals consider these factors and are masters for providing solutions to the sectors and locals.

The service in the field of water technologies that Bilgi is following:

Wate&Wastewater Treatment Plant Design:

A sustainable water treatment process requires contribution of variety of disciplines and a satisfactory water treatment design demands expertise, knowledge, and talent from many disciplines. Bilgi Environmental Consultancy delivers water wastewater treatment plant design with team work of a staff consisting more than 30 environmental engineers, chemist, water technology engineers etc.

Bilgi with its staff designs water treatment systems local adapted, innovative, and sustainable methods.

Water&Wastewater Treatability Study&Research

Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Water&Wastewater Solutions determines characteristic and general profile of the water and wastewater in comply with local and international regulations and standards.

According to water general characteristic and usage aim Bilgi’s expert staff chooses best water treatment methods and technologies for their customers.

Bilgi research, study and ensure the services that are sustainable and effective for the operation of water treatment systems.

Water&Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation and Assembly


Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Water&Wastewater Treatment Solutions carries out following:

Process choice, design and engineering.

Treatment plant construction

Supplying of mechanical equipment ( valves, pumps, mixers etc.)

Manufacturing and assembling of the plant and its equipment

Commissioning the treatment plant

Training of the treatment plant staff and operators

Providing solutions to the treatment plants with problem by water analysis and technical guidance.


Industry experience

Education: M.B.A

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above