Gwyn Rees

Dr. Gwyn Rees is a senior research manager possessing over 30 years’ experience in applied hydrology, specialising in low flows, droughts, water resources and climate change impacts.  His earliest collaboration with NIH and IIT-Roorkee dates back to 1995. In his current role, Gwyn provides strategic leadership of UKCEH’s water resources research, directing a portfolio of some 60 projects, and having line management responsibility for some 70 staff. His Science Area covers a wide range of freshwater science, including:  hydrological data collection and management, hydrological modelling & water resources assessments, drought monitoring & prediction, seasonal forecasting, climate impact studies, and water quality & freshwater ecosystems monitoring, modelling & management. He is Programme Lead for CEH’s £13M, 5-year “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources to Improve Human Health and Support Economic Development” (SUNRISE) programme, focussing on South Asia, South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and he was Principal Investigator for the recently completed Newton-Bhabha project, “Upscaling Catchment Processes for Sustainable Water Management in Peninsular India” (UPSCAPE). Amongst his many roles, Gwyn is a member of the CIWEM Water Resources Panel and an Advisory Committee member of the WMO-GWP Integrated Drought Management Programme.