Jagdish Kumar Bassin, Chief Scientist & Head, CSIR-NEERI Zonal Lab Delhi (Retired)

Jagdish Kumar Bassin, Chief Scientist & Head, CSIR-NEERI Zonal Lab Delhi (Retired)

Area of Specialization              :

Spcialized Training                : 1)Mathematical Modelling, CMMACS, Bangalore

                                                      2) Remote Sensing Techniques, RRSSC, Nagpur  

                                                      3) GIS/DIP Software Packages, NEERI, Nagpur

Recognitions                              :

Key Qualifications                   : Pursuing Ph.D. (Env. Engg.) at IIT Delhi,New Delhi



University / Board


Awards / Scholarships

M.E. ( Environmental Engineering )

I (Hons.)

Malaviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur  (Now MNIT)


Honours Degree awarded.

Certificate Course in Computer Programming


Vishveshvaraya Regional College of Engg., Nagpur (Now VNIT)


First Prize awarded.

B.Sc. (Engg.) Electronics & Communication Engineering

I   (Hons.)

Regional Engg. College, Kurukshetra University.  

(Now KNIT)


Honours Degree awarded. Merit Scholarships awarded.



Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune


18th Merit with distinction in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Marathi

Prestigious Recognition received:

Mr. Bassin has about 45 years of experience including in government department, in industry, and in Research & Development experience. He has been working as Consultant to National Water Mission (MoWR,RD&GR, GoI)  after retirement as Chief Scientist & Head, CSIR-NEERI Delhi Centre. At Delhi Centre of CSIR-NEERI, he was leading a team of dedicated and enthusiastic scientific manpower. He has made significant contributions in a number of sponsored research and consultancy projects in the field of water supply, water quality assessment and water quality modeling, environmental planning, common effluent treatment plant & sewerage systems, EIA studies, and software development .

He has wide experience in environmental monitoring and environmental system design including design of wastewater treatment plant; design of water distribution systems; mathematical modeling. He has vast experience in various computer related fields both in the development of system and application software. He has about five years experience in design of wastewater collection and treatment systems and has developed a software package for design of wastewater treatment system. During the course of his research career in CSIR-NEERI, he has worked on the development of a number of algorithms and computer software packages. He has extensively used software packages for water quality modelling, specifically QUAL2E and WASP-III & WASP-4 in a number of environmental impact assessment studies.

He has a working knowledge of modern techniques of analysis like digital image processing (DIP) and geographical information system (GIS). He has used ARC/INFO – GIS and ERDAS – DIP software in the developmental planning projects. He is well-versed with all Microsoft Office products and programming in VBA, Visual FoxPro, Excel Macro development, etc.

He has four years experience in the field of sophisticated analytical instrumentation, particularly in microprocessor based systems.

Computer Software Packages Developed

He has proficiency in computer programming and efficient use of a number of application software packages. He has developed a number of software packages and utility software, viz.:

Optimal Design of Rising Mains, Check Analysis, Probable Composition, EQ Tank, AQI Calculator, BEES-EVAL, WWTP,WATDIS, DOWATTS,RECIPES,COMPLEX, ROTSYM,NAAQM-DHS, etc.