Nicole Chalmer, Business Partner at NYPIN Grazing Company

Nicole Chalmer, Business Partner at NYPIN Grazing Company


Hi I am Dr Nicole Chalmer. My PhD was based on eco/environmental history of food production systems in Australia pre-colonial to present. My 30 year background as a food producer (primarily cattle with some sheep/wheat) gave me invaluable insights into food production systems. My investigations into Aboriginal Australian food systems has led to me coining a word for their practises as outside the notion of hunter/gatherers to that of ecofarmers. This was further reinforced by a number of interviews with Indigenous people. My PhD 'Consuming Eden:  Food, Culture and Nature in the Esperance Mallee-Recherché Bioregion (pre-1830 -present)', has now been published as a book Nicole Y Chalmer, 2021. 'Ecoagriculture for a Sustainable Food Future, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, Australia.


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