3Eight Communications Ltd

My vision for 3-Eight Communications is to work closely with clients to create and develop an integrated communication strategy that utilises the three promotional disciplines of PR, Marketing and Sales. 


PR, Marketing and Sales each have an ability to influence your company's brand, image and voice. 


We combine these three disciplines to formulate and manage an integrated communication strategy that will have a positive impact on your business' brand awareness, market share and competetive position. 


An integrated communication strategy can create loyal customers and staff alike, can position your business as a market leader and influencer, and ultimately build your business and brand's value. 


One brand, voice and image.


We have a keen interest in the energy and efficiency market place with a focus on IoT technology for intelligent buildings and optimised assets. 


Previously with t-mac Technologies and following our acquisition by Utilitywise Plc, my main objective was to help shape new business direction and new products based on 15+years' experience in the energy market and to drive t-mac’s position as a leading provider of cutting-edge, cloud-based IoT and big data analytics systems. 


I personally believe that a strong customer focus, great team morale and a structured but open, communicative working environment is paramount to business success. At t-mac I ensured that all our communications spoke with one voice, and we made effective use of all available channels to talk to our customers. 


This is the ethos behind 3-Eight Communication’s work with its clients. 


Previously a co-founder of t-mac Technologies Ltd, I led the company’s senior management team focussing on raising the profile of the t-mac energy management brand in the UK, European, Asia Pacific and US markets. t-mac Technologies was acquired by Utilitywise in April 2015.