Aiolia International /BOWNT is a globel filtration company offering a complete range of filtration products. 

BOWNT works with Global OEM’s and system builders for all their filtration needs in a wide variety of applications. Our range of offerings includes complete systems as well as consumables. 

Our long-standing relations with some of the leading global OEM's is a testament to our quality and track record of successful projects. As a manufacturer with focus on filtration systems, we are price competitive while maintaining highest levels of compliance and quality. BOWNT currently has installations in over 15 countries and the list continues to grow.  

For a complete list of our products, please visit The more frequently requested BOWNT products include:

1)  Self-cleaning screen filters (including duplex and 316, 304 and CS lined housing),

2)  Self-cleaning disc filters (including duplex and 316, 304 and PE and CS lined manifolds),

3)  Cartridge filtration systems. Includes FRP housings similar to RO housings, and PP cartridges.