Al Ghalayini Fountains

Al Ghalayini Fountains


Al Ghalayini Fountains has founded in 1977, as one of the branches of Al Joman Company for commercial development. It Headquarter in Riyadh, and has a branch in Jeddah. 

Since it was founded has aimed to create a family-friendly and social environment through aesthetic designs of magical water movements.

During these long years, the company has proudly design and implements hundreds of private and public projects in all parts of the Kingdom, which included fountains, waterfalls, artificial lakes, swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, both in the public squares, parks and government facilities, universities, malls, hospitals, hotels, and residential complexes, palaces and villas. 

To cope with new technologies in the industry such as dynamic moving and musical fountains, AlGhalayini Fountains partnered with global leaders in fountain design and manufacturing to bring and customize the latest models and technologies in the local market.