Alexey Ovsyankin

Alexey Ovsyankin


Scientifiproduction company KROK-1 was established in 1990.

Since the inception to the present day founder and director of the company is Ovsyankin Vyacheslav.

KROK-1 is specialized in performing all kind of investigation in relation with high technology, in developing better equipment and precision instruments, in

engineering investigations and its application.

  Based on the unique metal and alloy processing technologies developed by the company, 12 production facilities were created in Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania. These industries envisage hardening and restoration of cylinder liners for ship, diesel, tank and automobile engines.

Nowadays KROK-1 is an official corporate provider of equipment for all nuclear

power stations in Ukraine and also makes different repairs. In particular, we perform work of modernizing and repairing the dome handlers nuclear reactors, repairing of hydraulic equipment, recovering of functional status than twenty hydraulic lift 1000 tons each, etc…

Scientific production company more than 20 years working to create an efficient and reliable wave power station. In these studies, attended the National Aviation University, National University of Shipbuilding, Institute of

Hydromechanics NASU, Kiev Shipyard, etc.

Today signed a memorandum with the Bosch Rexroth Corporation on joint participation in the construction of wave power station.