Aqua Flanders

Aqua Flanders

AquaFlanders is the federation of Flemish water companies and sewer managers. We defend the interests of our members and contribute to streamlined and modern water management. Moreover, we also want to inform and raise awareness about sustainable water use in Flanders.

Flanders is the Flemish speaking part of Belgium which is a founding member of the European union and has a strong commitment in favour of the EU.

AquaFlanders is the  voice  of all Flemish companies that are responsible for drinking water and sewer management. We  promote  the common interests of our members to the Local, Regional, Federal and European government and stakeholders and support them with a package of services. AquaFlanders encourages a  sustainable  management and use of water.

Our  mission : Healthy, 100 % guaranteed quality, affordable, sustainable water for everyone in Flanders (Belgium).

Our  vision : Water is essential for life and it is under pressure due the changing climate and the human activities. AquaFlanders aims to assure the essence of water and to secure it for the next generations. That's why AquaFlanders works together with the stakeholders to develop and execute a sustainable water management for the coming years.