AquaBiota Water Research

AquaBiota Water Research


AquaBiota Water Research (AquaBiota ™) is a Swedish research and consultancy company that focuses on water issues.

Our vision is:

At the forefront of research for thriving lakes and seas


AquaBiota Water Research is a non-profit research institute that, in addition to research, offers services to both the private and public sectors.

Business Concept

AquaBiota has solid experience in project management, coordination, technical and financial administration of various types of projects. We meet the requirements of industry, government and the EU funding program. AquaBiota has proprietary systems for quality and environmental management.

AquaBiota Water Research was founded on the 1st August 2006 by Martin Isaeus as a subsidiary of the Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA). As of the 1st January 2016, AquaBiota is fully under Swedish ownership. AquaBiota Solutions was a sister company to AquaBiota Water Research that existed from 2016 – 2019. In June 2019, AquaBiota Solutions merged with AquaBiota Water Research.