Arbiogaz A.Ş.

Arbiogaz A.Ş.


Established in 1985 in Istanbul, Arbiogaz operates in the environmental technologies industry and provides turn-key plant solutions to its distinguished clients from public and private sector in the areas of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, recovery of wastewater, potable water treatment and desalination, solid waste processing and treatment, and renewable energy production utilizing biogas. With over 400 reference projects Arbiogaz distinguishes itself with its experience and is a prominent player in the global environmental technologies industry thanks to its successful plants in more than ten countries.


Turnkey Construction Projects


Project experience is of utmost importance when selecting the appropriate engineering solutions and processes, designing a plant according to the selection and planning and carrying out the implementation.

Arbiogaz differentiates itself from its competitors with its experience and ability to plan and manage large scale projects on time and budget. Accomplished engineering team gives special attention to operational easiness and effectiveness, quality and plant safety when designing and implementing projects.


Civil work projects are designed and implemented in most cost-effective ways. With its experienced civil engineering and construction team, construction sites are managed very closely and efficiently with a great emphasis on occupational safety.


Equipment Procurement: According to project design, Arbiogaz chooses and procures high-quality and performance mechanical equipment for long lasting operation and low maintenance. The manufacturing company of Arbiogaz custom designs, manufactures and supplies specific mechanical equipment for environmental projects of Arbiogaz.

Piping and Installation Works: With its dedicated and specialized installation team and under the supervision of experienced site engineers, Arbiogaz finishes installation works of equipment and environmental plants in Turkey and abroad on a timely and problem free basis.


The design of plants' electrical projects are carried out by experienced electrical and automation engineers. To achieve operational easiness high-tech electrical equipment and cutting-edge automation systems are utilized.

Plant Operation and Maintenance Projects

Plant management and operation services are given both for projects delivered and for existing plants of our customers. Plants, whose civil, mechanical, and electrical installation works are completed, are started-up by a specialized team, who is dedicated only to start-ups and initial management.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects

BOT projects create alternative ways of financing for Municipalities and Organized Industrial Regions to build wastewater treatment plants. Customers rely on Arbiogaz for building and operation of such plants specially designed for their needs and for providing problem-free continuous operation for years. BOT wastewater treatment plants offer a full range of environmental solutions including but not limited to sludge dewatering and sludge drying. Arbiogaz is proud to undertake the first BOT project for wastewater treatment plant for an Organized Industrial Region in Turkey, Dilovası O.I.R.