Axius Water

Axius Water

Bringing people together with application knowledge to


by providing our top of the line solutions to

municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Axius Water was founded in 2019 by KKR, in partnership with XPV Water Partners. This wastewater treatment platform aims to become the leading provider of nutrient management solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Through the foundational acquisitions of EOSi and Nexom, Inc. the platform aims to address nutrient contamination of water globally by building a diversified and growing portfolio of leading solutions. As a part of our mission to drive out nutrient pollution, we added EDI (Environmental Dynamics International) to the platform.

Adding EDI accelerated the growth of the water quality platform’s nutrient management offerings through Nexom, and EOSi.  EDI integrated into Nexom, combining EDI’s expertise in serving medium- to large-scale treatment facilities – both in North America and internationally – with Nexom’s expertise in serving small- to medium-sized treatment facilities.