Driven by sustainable development

Involved in projects in many different countries, with subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal and Algeria, the BG group, founded in Switzerland in 1954, is a firm of consulting engineers engaged in the fields of infrastructure, environment, building and energy.

Financial and intellectual independence

Owned by its employees, BG has a large financial autonomy. The Group is headquartered in Lausanne (Switzerland) and employs approximately 650 employees in 21 offices. In 2018 BG generated a turnover of CHF 96.9 million.

BG serves both public and private clients

Our services are appreciated by a wide client base, 60% of which is from the public sector and 40% from the private and semi-public sector.

Among BG’s clients are local, regional or national administrations and departments, large associations and public companies, associations of communes and areas, major industries, manufacturers and distributors, semi-public companies, public works companies and private developers.

Our business relations are highly personalised to build a close link between the client and the Project Leader, thereby we are ensuring optimum management at all stages of the project.