Center of Research for Environment Energy and Water (CREEW)


CREEW (Centre of Research for Environment, Energy and Water) is a non-government not-for-profit research-oriented and development organization working on thematic areas of environment, energy and water. CREEW has 6 prioritized research areas (PRAs) i) Groundwater; ii) Hydrology and water resources; iii) Solid waste and wastewater; iv) Climate change impacts and adaptation v) Renewable energy and vi) Public health and sanitation.

Since the establishment of CREEW in 2008, it has been conducting programs, projects and activities relating to hydrology, water resources and water environment. CREEW has been annually conducting its flagship programs on National Groundwater Symposium, CREEW Research Grant Program, collaborative research projects on groundwater resources in Kathmandu Valley, and several training activities on hydrological modeling and GIS since 2008. The National Groundwater Symposium focus on sustainable management of groundwater resources in Nepal and it mainly targets the researchers, government policy makers and planners, water managers for the symposium. Until 2018, 66 researchers have received CREEW research grant on competitive basis and they are also mentored by experts from CREEW. Grants are awarded on research and study issues of water resources and water environment. CREEW has been collaborating with University of Yamanashi in Japan to conduct groundwater quality, groundwater treatment system development and management research in Kathmandu Valley. So far 94 researchers and professionals have been trained on hydrological modeling and GIS. Others are River Water Quality Monitoring Program since 2012, CREEW Young Researcher Fellowships Program since 2017 (in which 6 young researchers have received fellowship).