CLEARAS Water Recovery

CLEARAS Water Recovery

A New Vision for Nutrient Recovery

CLEARAS originated from a desire to change the paradigm in wastewater treatment and design. This came with the foresight that water was a severely undervalued commodity and that wastewater treatment could be transformed from linear, disposal-based systems to more circular, resource recovery-based solutions.

Due to increasing water pollution (algae blooms and other forms of contamination) caused by excess nutrients, regulations governing nitrogen and phosphorus discharge continue to tighten. Wastewater dischargers everywhere face the same challenges: minimizing environmental impact, while simultaneously investing in plant efficiency and improved performance. CLEARAS recognized the problem (algae blooms) and that it may also be the source of a more sustainable solution.   

Founded in 2008, CLEARAS set out to be the leader in providing natural wastewater treatment solutions that transform waste into value – delivering unique cost recovery opportunities to customers.  

In 2010, CLEARAS designed and built its first Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) system. This ABNR™ system delivered a simple, and chemical-free biological wastewater treatment solution to achieve ultra-low nutrient results.  

Today, ABNR™ technology is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment from removal to recovery. Through a unique application of biomimicry, ABNR™ leverages and enhances nature's time tested patterns of nutrient recovery by transferring the problem - algae blooms - into the solution.