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Coastal Ocean Vision



CoastalOceanVision, Inc. was founded by a group of ten scientists, engineers and technicians at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who spent several years as a team designing and building advanced underwater measurement and observation systems. Together we created equipment to operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet from the crushing pressures of the deep ocean to the bitter cold of the Arctic. Our experience in exploring the farthest edges of the aquatic world is well established.

At CoastalOceanVision, we are committed to advancing the state of knowledge of our planet’s aquatic environments. Through our integrated instrumentation platforms, we are able to observe dozens of physical and chemical parameters in real-time and view them from anywhere in the world via a web browser. By presenting data in a variety ways, we help scientists to better comprehend the complex mathematical relationships between them and how those relationships might change over time. We also help commercial industries make better business decisions with our automatic optical plankton species classification system, where the early detection of harmful plankton is critical for kelp farmers to protect their valuable underwater crops from damage. Municipal drinking water processing stations can similarly make decisions about how and when they allow water sources to enter their systems based on what chemical or biological entities we detect.

For scientists who wish to study the behavior of aquatic environments over time at a given location, we created our stationary instrumentation platforms that can observe spatial volumes of water roughly 50m x 50m x 20m in size. By simultaneously measuring dozens of parameters, we can determine such phenomena as the carbon flux into and out of the spatial volume driven by internal waves, as well as other data all accessible over the Internet in real-time. To study the behavior of demersal fish, we have a stereo observation and tracking product that is typically deployed near reefs. For non-stationary applications we created a light-weight towed vehicle that can quickly be deployed and operated by just two individuals to generate environmental profiles while traversing the water.

CoastalOceanVision is interested in helping laboratory scientists and advancing the education of students. As such, we are currently designing a low-cost plankton camera for the laboratory and classroom use, which can be submerged in suspensions of biological samples such as those that have been cultured or collected by net.

With its variety of products, CoastalOceanVision helps scientists, educators and industry find the best tools for the job to better understand what factors affect the aquatic habitats they study or the food supplies they produce or collect through environment measurement, data presentation and automatic classification. As concerns grow about future ocean food supply, public health and safety at beaches, and the threat of reservoir drinking water contamination, CoastalOceanVision addresses these issues with products that help people analyze aquatic attributes accurately and rapidly. As new challenges arise, we will quickly respond with new products that are committed to help the needs of society.

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