Daejeon University, Korea

Daejeon University, Korea


Daejeon University has come so far today with the efforts of many since Jisan, Lim Dal-Kyu founded it based on the philosophy of national development, cultural creation, and community service in 1980. All members struggle to build a proud history of dedication and service to society, so that the value of Hyewha lasts permanently.

Based on the passion, Daejeon University has been selected for government-funded programmes; social custom, LINC+, ACE, and CK-1, which leads to realization of student-centered education and the joyful culture of University. Furthermore, Daejeon University has puts the educational objective(V-plan) of fostering 3S talents through strong fundamentals and special experiences, focused on K-LAC and K Co-op, into practice step by step, under the vision of a "New standard of Future universities".

Daejeon University takes priority of its students under the rapidly changing reality of education and management conditions. Professors guide a spirit of challenge, creativity, and coexisting competence as members of the community beyond a customized education suited to an industrial society which focused on memorizing and teaching. Employees immerse in a supporting education environment. Daejeon University helps students to advance into society by providing students who are the reason for the existence of a well-conditioned school.

In this process, the president would like to be a resource that all the members of Daejeon University can share with open thoughts, practical educational, and management. The president leads the way with members in developing dramatically by taking The Fourth Industrial Revolution as an opportunity to take new challenges and leap forward.

Daejeon University has leapt with passion and the belief that once a university is established in the right position firmly; which leads academic society to change; accordingly, Korea will be changing. All members would like to be the pride of Daejeon University, Daejeon, and Korea. We all have prepared for a better future at Daejeon University, the place of wisdom.