DeWind One Pass Trenching

DeWind One Pass TrenchingFor over 30 years DeWind One Pass Trenching  has lead in innovation and development of  deep one pass trenching technology for underground installations in non-consolidated soils and semi-solids.  DeWind's fleet of trenchers are custom engineered to install remediation and preventative systems and walls deeper, faster, safer and at a lower cost than conventional alternatives.  Our trenchers now reach depths over 125 feet below grade.  DeWind single pass environmental services include clean up, remediation and improvement of underground environments like the One Pass Ground Recovery System.  Our team is HAZMAT trained and our technology avoids open pit excavation, while reducing or eliminating hazardous job site spoils.  We provide groundwater and product collection and recovery systems; leachate and collection trenches ; seepage trenches; cement, bentonite and slurry barrier walls; PRB  & ZVI installations; injection trenches; funnel & gate systems; low permeability in-situ mixes; excavation support; construction dewatering; deep interlocking concrete foundation panels or boarder security; water supply systems; and passive remediation of contaminated ground water; dam and levee seepage remediation, tailing pond remediation; coal ash ponds; road stabilization; environmental clean up and remediation, seepage control of landfills, HDPE pipe installation, as well as many other services.  See us on Facebook, You Tube, linked in and at  We look forward to working with you all across North America on soil and water remediation projects.