Dr. Yossi Inbar

Dr. Yossi Inbar


Professional Expertise:

Solid Waste Management & Recycling

Organic Waste & Composting

Climate Change


Domestic & Industrial Waste-Water

Recycled Water

Discharge Permits

Contaminated Soils


Hazardous Substances


Experience in:

Legislation & Regulation

Public Sector (Government, Parliament, Local Authorities)

Familiarity with Environmental Requirements from the Industry

Management of Scientific Studies on Environmental, Soil and Water Issues

Managing Environmental Projects

Environmental Crisis Management

Conflicts Settlement


Professional Background:

A 37 year experience in the Environmental Industry, out of which 20 years in the Israeli Ministry of Environment as Recycling Officer, Head of Solid Waste Division, VP of Infrastructure, VP of Industry, Deputy Director General and Director General.


Leading most environmental national activity, chairman of numerous committees, extensive experience and deep knowledge of government, parliamentary and local government activity. Involvement in environmental aspects in the industry.

Many years of international experience: Business Development Manager in a European waste management company, Head of Delegation and active in numerous international meetings. Head of the Israeli Environmental Delegation for the Accession to the OECD.

Rich experience in applied scientific research in agriculture and the environment.



BSc, MSc and Ph.D. (summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil and Water.


Environmental Services – Entrepreneur, Management & Consultancy