DrizzleX is a pioneering smart water metering solution that enables significant water conservation in residential buildings that lack individual apartment meters.


While water is a scarce, precious, and depleting resource, it is still considered "free” and overused by 30% in tens of million of US multifamily apartment buildings where there is no transparency about individual tenant water consumption. 

This water misuse negatively impacts properties' bottom line, while costly leaks go undetected, causing additional damages.

DrizzleX’s solution generates data-driven transparency about water usage by combining the proprietary, maintenance-free, easy-to-install, and cost-effective FlowDX™ smart water sensors with a robust SaaS dashboard displaying data, comparative trends, alerts, and AI-powered insights. 


By measuring individual units’ water consumption in multi-family properties, DrizzleX empowers tenants to take responsibility over their water consumption and positively impact the environment, while enabling  property managers and owners to manage and decrease water bills and property expenses.


Founded in 2017, DrizzleX is based in Israel with installations across California, Nevada, Arizona, and New York.