Dynamic Aqua Science (DAS Brasil)

Dynamic Aqua Science (DAS Brasil)


In 1999 the founder of EEC USA and owner of the technology came to Brazil in search of partners for the development of businesses that use MBBR technology that was, and still is, the most refined in the treatment of domestic sewage.

With shared values ​​and the eagerness to search for businesses that helped respect and develop life, the DAS x EEC partnership emerged.

DAS Brasil, a company established in Brazil since 2001 whose mission is focused mainly on environmental solutions regarding the treatment of domestic and industrial sewage using the best technologies, continuously focusing on research and development and contributing to the preservation of the environment, works with people and people with respect to any existing way of life, always seeking to offer our clients the technical and economical solutions that are most feasible in each case.

The customer is our main focus. So we are in business to provide information and solutions that fit your expectations. For this, DAS Brasil develops its activities within the standards of ISO 9001, whose certificate was obtained in 2015, based on the values ​​that translate what is most important for the organization. These values ​​are disseminated to employees and suppliers of products and services always with respect to life, our most precious asset; Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity so that projects are better developed according to the needs of our clients, respecting sustainable environmental, economic and social development; always aiming to grow and evolve together with our clients, employees and partners, updated and trained to their functions; maintaining the commitment to quality, humanism and safety of people above all else.