ECAS Institute was formed in 2016 and registered in Kenya in 2019 as a value-driven, multi-disciplinary and multi-sector capacity-building social enterprise. 

ECAS Institute is generally about building capacities and enhancing significantly the quality of trainings, research and consulting projects in Africa. This Institute, from inception, was intended to be different from any other organization. The difference was to come largely from the approach to be employed, namely helping organizations and governments in identifying capacity gaps and needs, promoting awareness-raising, knowledge and information sharing and stakeholder engagement with relevant actors under and outside the environmental sector, as appropriate in accordance with their respective mandates.

We have generally been very well received in Africa and outside of Africa. The launch was performed by the Chancellor, Egerton University and Former Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Nairobi who is also the current Director for the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation, Prof. Shem Wandiga, who had inspired the formation of ECAS with earlier comments on the urgent need for African to be innovative in addressing African problems through innovation and which would lead to sustainable jobs.

ECAS therefore is in response to a strongly felt need in the region for capable and engaged local experts working to solve the development challenges of Africa. 

In the face of challenges confronting Africa, external support have been called upon to lead in capacity building and research that could provide the policy answers as well as the necessary interventions. These experts usually come amidst the growing joblessness, underemployment, unemployment and the changing face of the ever-shrinking job market for many different reasons. ECAS, therefore, exists as a response to the calls for home grown capacity building & research outputs to inform policy & sustainable development initiatives.