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Envirocleen LLC


Bio-hydrox is new to the market, however, the basic chemistry was discovered in 1894 by a scientist named H. J. Fenton. Since, it has been widely studied in biology before being adopted by the water industry in the 1980s. This was the result after long time searches for more efficient treatments to overcome the increasing challenges of emerging and recalcitrant water contaminants. For more than 100 years the principle of the Fenton chemistry, which is basically the enhancement of the oxidation potential of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a reduced iron salt catalyst, has been modified, improved and the subject of much scientific investigation.

The advanced oxidation technology of Bio-hydrox is given different names: catalyzed hydrogen peroxide, Fenton-like, modified-Fenton reagent, ISCO -in situs chemical oxidation-, electrochemical water, electrolitic catalization, in situs remediation, Fenton catalyst, mixed oxidant solution, MOS, mixed oxidation, MOX, etc. with the commonality of bringing solutions to difficult situations where the highest level and very effective oxidation is required, and where reliability is not questionable. The other common denominator they share is the need to be activated upon application. These technologies are so reactive that it had not been possible to create an RTU product that could be stored and still deliver potent results. They needed to be prepared on site.

Bio-hydrox is a new generation Fenton chemistry with optimal advanced oxidation and a novel formula where the activator catalysts are chelated with oxygen and stabilized in solution. There is nothing to mix. Bio-hydrox does not require the addition of an external activator and it outperforms all other advanced oxidation processes.