Fluid Robotics

Fluid Robotics


The founders of Fluid Robotics are highly qualified technologists and researchers who are very passionate about solving water and wastewater problems in developing countries.

The company’s flagship product, a robotic system to map and inspect underground pipelines can be used to survey lines with a minimum diameter of 150mm/ 6inch. The platform is being used to digitize pipeline data in several cities in India, to clearly understand the impact of structural defects or deposits on pipeline age and capacity.

Surveys using this technology have also been conducted in storm drains nearest to rivers and lakes, in order to provide solutions for the interception and diversion of untreated wastewater from the storm drains into existing sewers. Our systems help identify structural defects, O&M failure modes, construction features, etc. in water and wastewater pipelines while following stringent international standards. The data gathered and analyzed helps prevent water leakages, sanitary sewer overflows and monsoon flooding.

Our intrinsically safe robotic systems