German Water Partnership

German Water Partnership

Water: a common challenge

Around 1.8 billion people live in regions with water stress, 2.3 billion have no access to sanitation. More and more extreme weather events are causing floods or droughts worldwide. Global population growth, urbanisation and climate change are constantly exacerbating the situation. The sustainable use of water is not only a question of environmental protection, health and social justice.

 It also plays a decisive role in central economic fields such as infrastructure, industrial production and agriculture.With the help of German Water Partnership, German players in the water sector are tackling these issues – with proven know-how and new technologies. Become part of our network, make a contribution and benefit at the same time from the constantly growing need for investment in the global water sector.

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Your gateway: customers and partners worldwide

Through the GWP network, foreign clients and decision-makers have direct access to the competencies and services of our more than 350 members. They can find suitable partners via our online database or through direct mediation by the GWP office.