GES - Global Environmental Solutions Ltd.

GES - Global Environmental Solutions Ltd.



Founded in 1988, GES is one of the veteran companies in the field of desalination, water, and wastewater treatment. GES is 100% owned by  Generation Capital , a listed Energy & Infrastructure Investment fund, with assets worth more than 1 Billion NIS, which provides exposure to investments in infrastructure and energy, with an emphasis on improvements and value creation.


International Projects Division

Our experienced staff and proven track record of successful projects offer customers best available technology anywhere across the globe. GES offers overall water treatment services featuring technical, conceptual, planning and interpersonal abilities.

Operation and Maintenance Division

Our operation and maintenance division ensure that the system performs as designed while maximizing its production, economic and environmental benefits. GES provides a complete package of O&M services for new, retrofitted and existing plants.

Industrial Chemical Division

Texma develops, manufactures, imports and distributes high quality, green chemistry based products meeting the most strict standards.

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Offering customers innovative, tailor-made, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment and reclamation solutions.

GES implements innovative and flexible systems that optimize CAPEX and OPEX. We provide our customers with end-to-end, environmentally friendly solutions that meet the highest industry standards and comply with all regulatory requirements. GES’ expert water and wastewater treatment and reclamation systems meet our customers’ unique needs across a broad range of water applications ¾ seawater, brackish water, clear or contaminated river water, or grid water.